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Never Impossible. That is quite a boast isn't it? NIS strives to be the best it can be.  We make strive to makes sure that technology is accessible and always approache each problem with what we know - that nothing is ever impossible when it comes to the myriad of options available in the technology world. 

Innovation Consulting / Custom Development


Offering dynamic tools in the Real Estate, Mortgage Lending, Appraisal, Financial Services and Title industries, we are constantly trying to offer our clients the best software. We want to serve our clients so they can serve theirs. We are committed and loyal to our clients, and appreciate the high volume of referrals we get. That is why here at Never Impossible Software we know that hard work and talent can make anything possible - now that is a boast our clients appreciate.


Never Impossible is fervent about utilizing the newest technology and design techniques so that we can maintain our stance as an industry competitor. NIS keeps up on the technology, so our clients don have to! Check out our products in the Products & Services section. Have a problem and need customer support? Check out our customer care section. If you want more information about Never Impossible, or have an interest in working for Never Impossible, check out the company info section. If you just want to give us feed back about the website, or need information on any of our products, check out the contact us section.


About Ryan Ninness - Owner

Ryan Ninness has over 20 years of software development and innovation experience.  Ryan has worked in the fields of Finance, Medical and Transportation Technology.  Ryan is known for bringing a fresh look and innovation to anything he touches.  

Winner - 2017 RoadX Innovation Challenge

Bicycle/Pedestrian Early Detection System (B.E.D.S)

The Bicycle Early Detection System marries easily consumed radio frequency identification (RFID) technology with reactive road signage to give drivers a “heads up” when bicyclists are in proximity of an intersection well before an accident could occur. The reader system would be put in place over the bike path near a busy intersection that it crosses. The Bicyclist puts an RFID sticker on their helmet. Upon a successful read of the bicyclist riding under the pole with an RFID tag, “Bicycles present when flashing” light will begin flashing for a pre-determined amount of time to signal to the driver that there are bicyclists present.


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